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Building Teens a Positive Future
By Autumn Johnson & Chelsie Jensen

What can cause drug and alcohol addiction in adolescence? There are a number of reasons why individuals ages 12-18 get caught up in addiction. If a teen feels neglected or unloved he or she might turn to narcotics for attention or to get away from personal troubles. Another cause of addiction would be if a person has had bad experiences and is trying to forget them. Also, when somebody is surround by people who are using drugs or alcohol they may feel pressured to participate for fear of being ridiculed. Sometimes youth feel that they will have a more enjoyable time if they use narcotics. Child abuse, negative encounters, peer pressure or attempting to have an amusing time are just a few reasons why youth get involved in drug and alcohol abuse.

The use of narcotics affects people both psychologically and physically. Although addiction causes people to feel “happy” while they are high, over time it can make people mentally ill. Panic disorder, antisocial personality disorder, manic episodes, schizophrenia, major dispersive episodes, obsessive compulsive disorder, induced sleep disorder, impaired judgment, phobias and aggression are all mental illnesses that can be triggered by drug or alcohol use. Taking narcotics can effect physical aspects of one’s body. Some bodily changes caused by drug or alcohol use are brain damage, damage to vital organs such as liver, heart, lungs and pancreas, gastro intestinal problems, high blood pressure, lower resistance to disease, a number of cancers such as esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas and colon, respiratory problems and much more. People may think that using drugs or alcohol only a few number of times is harmless but in reality it effects you more and more each time.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself excluding drugs or alcohol. After doing drugs or alcohol it is difficult to remember the events you attended, plus you’re forcefully having fun as a result of the fact of what is in your system. Building a positive memory that does not involve drug and alcohol use is helpful to the thought that adolescents can have a good time without narcotics in their system. A memory like this can also remind someone that they have other options besides using narcotics. Building positive memories is extremely important and will benefit youth in the long run.

“The Terry Jensen Scholarship Fund’ was created in early 2010 in dedication of a man who died in a motorcycle accident with to much alcohol in his system. We have been making an effort to raise money for the scholarship fund at ‘Killarney Secondary School’. Us volunteers have been selling raffle tickets door to door, in front of malls and in community centers. This raffle will be ending on February 14. The scholarship will be presented to one student in grade 12 who contributes the most towards stopping the use of alcohol and drugs. We are hoping to raise enough to create a dry grad event at the end of this year, for students who want an alternative to the usual grad party. Unfortunately, this year ‘”The Terry Jensen Scholarship Fund’ has not received enough donations to present a scholarship to a student. It would be much appreciated if you could send a donation of any amount.


The Terry Jensen scholarship started 2011 😊 we Thank All of You ! We achieved this years 2020“ Terry Jensen scholarship- youth initiative! An extra Thanks to “ The Paddlewheeler Pub “Staff 😊


Email: Ourhandshug@gmail.com

Silent Auction, starting Bid: 800.00

Monies raised will go towards , Our Hands Hug society, community initiative projects. Send us an email with your contact information and offer.


Silent auction : June 19th 2020 until December 30th 2020 .

Our Hands Hug society has put a hold on the fundraising dinner party :But We are happy to say two youth will still be receiving “ The Terry Jensen scholarship, and The William Hurrell award “

Big Cyber Hugs to All of You !

Be Safe!

Reflecting on the Positive.